Nothing makes a Swede as Swedish as a trip overseas. The further away from home you are the greater the need to celebrate Swedish values, traditions and holidays. Returning home after a visit in foreign countries makes it possible to see your dwelling in a new light.
This happened to me when returning back to Skåne after several years abroad. I was overwhelmed when I rediscovered the beauty of the landscape, its diversity and charm.

Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to Skåne. I live right in the middle of this amazing province, in a district called Romeleåsen. The region embraces rolling ridges, beautiful lakes and a lovely beech forest. There is lots of undisturbed nature right on my doorstep, presenting me with a quality of life I didn't believe existed. I was given plenty of opportunities to explore my newfound surroundings due to my daily need for a relaxing run.

Another passion of mine is map reading. I can hang for hours over one; plan a route and fantasize over the likely scenery and the anticipated adventures lying ahead. Then I will put on my sneakers, close the door and check out my daydream in reality. Mostly the reality exceeds my expectations.

I often save maps and photos taken from particularly lovely routes. After a couple of months there was quite a large pile. An idea started to form. Why not bind them all together for others to enjoy? If I could write down some instructions to go with the maps and the pictures, then maybe the material would bear the resemblance of a pathfinder guide. If that would be the case I could show my grown up children the beauty of Skåne. Whenever they return back my pathfinder would help them to rediscover our province, just like I did. During all the years abroad the kids became world citizens. They found love, new friends other ideals, dropped their anchor in foreign places and haven't found their way home yet.

But now there is a pathfinder to Romeleåsen available for them. The guide will show them those great adventures that can be found just around the corner from where they grew up many years ago.

My kids have yet just tested a few of the circular walks described in the book, “rundvandringar Romeleåsen” but it's my strong believe that the excursions have opened many doors for others.

Nice excursions at Romeleåsen

Photos from the walks - Bilder från rundvandringarna